Artist Spotlights

Artists Spotlight – September 2012: Procter, Brest, Valat, Abrahamyan & Durgaryan

Artist Spotlight- September 2012

Collectors Galleries and Le Vernissage are pleased to give recognition to these amazingly talented artists for the month of September:

Martin Procter

Collectors Galleries and Le Vernissage are pleased to host Jacob painting live alongside Mr. Martin Procter, September 28th-30th, as we invite fans and art appreciators to meet Mr. Procter live and watch these two artists at work.
We hope to see you there!

Marie Claude Valat

Marie-Claude has been long recognized as an artist of extraordinary ability. Many world famous art critics and artists consider her to be one of the most distinguished females of today’s Europe, as she was elected into the group of the most respected female professionals of our time in France.

The softness of her brush, blended with the dreamy mixture of her pallet are leaving their unique marks in Provence landscapes as if the kiss the faces of sleeping landmarks to awaken them with the shy and silky tenderness of her touch… her world is very real by being so unreal, her canvases are the open windows to ongoing beautiful dreams. It is warm and easy to live in her universe where one can freely stretch the wings of his or her dreams to hug the shoulders of the hills, or to be melted in the shores of her mysterious sky. Valat’s imagination is as impressive as her creative admissions to reach the perfection in portraying the land she adores.

The true artists are marching with their creations in this world as restless travelers. In this long journey they share their feelings and thoughts with all the honesty of their hearts, by giving us the images of the moments that were missing in our lives. Marie Claude is truly one of the most recognized and respected artists of today’s Europe and the chronicon of her professional achieve is missing several pages because of the lovable modesty of her personality.

Le Vernissage and Collectors Galleries are proudly representing her art exclusively in this side of the world, where she already had developed a strong following and deep respect.

Vladimir Abrahamyan

Recognized as one of today’s most respected Armenian artists, Vladimir Abrahamyan work is a testament to his years of artistic study and groomed creativity. He is an extremely educated man with a strong connection with multiple world cultures, where he is able to combine treasures of global culture with the colors and emotions of his ancient homeland. As if he has an agenda to show cultural and historical wealth of his ancestors, using extraordinary blends of traditions, movements, and mediums. He expresses himself by combining his love for graphic art in connection with surrealist, expressionistic, and cubist elements.

There is a vast global appreciation for his art, as the numerous works of Vladimir Abrahamyan are kept at various museums and private collections in the USA, France, Lebanon, UAE, Poland, Germany, China, & Russia. Abrahamyan is also a successful graphic artist and illustrator of 250 books.

Laura Durgaryan

Laura Durgaryan is a daughter of a nation with rich, ancient cultural roots. She carries that inheritance gracefully and gently in her creative journey. She combines her soft feminine touch blended with gentle anxieties, dreams, and soft melodies portraying the essence of feminity. Blending the experiences of motherhood, desire, love, and ancient beautiful harmony between the strength of a man and the weakness of a woman. She has a fantastically trained hand, and the possibilities of her triumphant touch are endless. Most importantly she combines her highly polished prof skills with genuine outbursts of the emotions in her sensitive soul. Where every beautiful female character carries something about her gentle and soft personality, and about her broken dreams. Laura has done monumental commissions, great portraits, and her works have this totally auth poetic insights- her compositions are semi real, yet they carry an ethereal solitude of a dream-like scape. Every canvas becomes a beautiful and warm refuge for gentle souls. Collectors galleries and le vernissage galleries have the privilege to rep Laura’s art, with her outstanding multi-dimensional talents ranging from a mastery of still-life, beautiful black and white sketches, and her ethereal figurative paintings.Lately, the artist has described her work as combining living nature with the eternal beauty of the female form, where each feminine character is becoming part of their surroundings, ejecting eachother with thriving emotions. The longer the femininity blooms and ripes, they become priceless pearls as she polishes them eternally and externally in a desire to depict perfection- females, the living carrier of beauty and harmony that a major role-player of the universe.


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