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October 2012 eNewsletter- A special feature of Martin Procter, and his exclusive September 2012 exhibition!

Chelsea here from Collectors Galleries! Providing some event coverage for any of our cherished clients or Mr. Procter’s fans who could not be with us here in end-September in beautiful Carmel to meet the man himself and celebrate his accomplished works.

For this October month, we feature a very talented man for whom we are fortunate to represent, Mr. Martin Procter. As I noted in an earlier post, Friday the 28th was our preview day, where while Mr. Procter was still in the air on his way from Europe, we began preparations here at the gallery to host the event in his honor. We hung our entire private collection of his works and opened the doors of the gallery to welcome all inside for a chance to see his work up-close and in person. Meanwhile, our first and only American artist to be represented by the gallery prepared an area to paint live during the Sarurday debut in Mr. Procter’s honor.

American abstract expressionist artist Jacob Brest’s weapons of choice

When Saturday came it was finally time for the debut of the man of the hour! Mr. Procter was in-gallery all day, where both eager fans who follow and collect his works, and also those discovering his work for the first time, where able to talk to the artist himself. Group after group, Mr. Procter was darting around the gallery with clients, from one piece to the other, sharing his process and drive behind each piece of question. I joked with Mr. Procter that I was going to have to start timing people to fit everyone in, and, in his charming nature he smiled and laughed saying he didnt mind be busy with this sort of thing one bit. And that is what has captured me mostly about this man- his work, being quite structural and almost disciplined in the line and form, I imagined the work would mirror the man. But in meeting Procter, our conversations consisted mostly of him smiling with a casual shrug as I praised his work. He is a blend of complexities, consisiting of a tangible love for what he does, a deep cultural and philosphical knowledge within him that drives each piece- which is then contrasted by the almost child-like whimsical excitement that is lit within him as he talks about his latest expedition in his artistic journey.

Young American abstract artist Jacob Brest meets Mr. Procter for the first time, as they both share a laugh with gallery owner Tamara Agassi

It was a fascinating meeting of the minds as Mr. Procter arrived, and the young Jacob Brest had his first opportunity to meet that artist he admired so greatly in person. They quickly began discussing their artistic quirks and the way their art morphs and changes, as Brest’s works of the last few months have marked a turning point  just as Procter’s newest pieces as part of his Migration work are distincitvely different than his previous compositions-

Martin “It’s true, like the work Im doing now will never have a building or boat in it. It’s bigger, more abstract.”

Jacob “Yes, it makes it interesting when you’re showing these pieces, and you’re so far ahead of it, you have to put yourself back in that place- switch your mind back to your old ways before you can descibe it”

They both laugh and nod, finding a common ground instantly that the rest of us can only admire.

The gallery owner, Tamara Agassi, is also laughing as she finds comefort anf joy in the company of her artists she represents and deeply admire.

“In a time when there is so much negativity, so much heaviness, the gallery is lighting up with energy of these men. Mr. Procter, in his deeply cultured and philosophical mind, carries such a genuinity about him that is infectious. The sense of security that comes form his presence here, the way he is genuinely and patiently explaining the seed of his creation and respectfully talks about other cultures, habits, forgotten rituals- he sees hidden values in all of these things, and the emotional and creative impact that this has on the world as a whole with its multi-surface landmarks is a reflection of his creativity. I am amazed at his creative mind, the gentleness and wisdom of his child-like soul. The way he relates to the people that are creative, like young Jacob Brest, the way he encourages, spends time, shares his expertise- never making them carry the luggage of the heavy influence that our time is offering. He opens his heart and tries to help. And the whimsical excitment he generates while in the room with younger creative persons- I see him relating with Jacob Brest, the immeidate contact, the sparkle in his eye, touching the canvas and examining the brushes as they shared every single detail of his works. Asking questions of Jake’s, as if they were two people who knew eachother a very long time ago, and had just re-united. I think that’s the magic of creative minds- They magnatize one another, with an enormous understanding and respect for one another. No wonder that love for arts and beauty is the main ingred for human kindness. The more we push these things from our lives, the dryer and emptier the world is becoming. We need people like Martin and Jake- they forget generation gaps, they are wrapped in their own dreams, maybe together, with a beautiful blanket of creativity. I feel fortunate to have been the conductor of this environment and an silent oberver of that magnetic energy, sitting thinking to myself how fortunate am I to be a catalyst of this moment.”


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