Featured Artist

September 2012

Collectors Galleries and Le Vernissage are pleased to present Mr. Martin Procter as our September 2012 featured artist

Join us along with the artist this month, September 28th-30th, in-gallery for a meet & greet with Mr. Procter, and watch the brilliant man work as he paints live.

Painting live alongside Martin, meet American Abstract Expressionist, Jacob Brest.

Architect turned painter, Procter uses line and color intertwined with a unique perspective to capture the eye. If observed as a flat composition, both the abstract and cubist natures dominate, with a strong masculine sense of shape and use of color. If looked at as if from the eyes of the airborne, shapes and places begin to emerge, challenging the mind to make sense of the initially unadorned abstractions, until you see the land, the birds, bridges and the coastline- as these take form the viewer is presented with a firstly intangible sense of clarity and familiarity.

With this unusual perspective on landscape painting, Procter observes the land from the air, as if a bird or pilot, looking both down and to the horizon for his subjects. This results in a flattening of dimension, and a distortion of the traditional perspective. The forms, which undeniably abstracted, become familiar as though to the air traveler who is mesmerized by the beauty and grid-like quality of the cultivated and urbanized land far below. A truly unique and delightful discovery.

Collectors Galleries and Le Vernissage are pleased to be hosting an exhibit for Mr. Procter in-gallery this month, September 28th-30th, for a live painting session and fan meet honoring the launch of his latest works in a four-month exhibition at High Cross House, Dartington, England, on the theme of migration.

We are honored to represent this talented man as part of our permanent artists collection, for more information about the availability of his highly desirable artworks, please contact us.


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